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Our payment terms and boarding policies

Royal Paws (also known as Crown Pets) reserves the right to ban customers who are dishonest. Royal Paws tracks all boardings with GPS and tracking software which are provided back to pet owners via live internet links to watch and follow along.

Once boardings (whether our place of business or your home) has begun there will be no refunds. Customers found to be falsely filing disputes with their banks (among other things) will be indefinitely banned from our services. We reserve the right to collect the information of these customers who do this and share it with our colleagues at neighboring pet stores in Brooklyn and the Flatbush area.

Payments accepted are: Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, and Cash. Customers who are restricted from using payment apps (due to fraud/etc) are only permitted to pay by cash.

Customers agree and understand that all communications are monitored and recorded for quality assurance purposes (and in the event we have to proceed with legal action or perhaps vigorously defend ourselves from false chargebacks.)

Our service hours are generally 8am to 4:45 pm EST unless your service has otherwise been pre-booked and management agrees to drop off and pick up times for sittings and boardings. All boardings that do not have a pick up time from our place of business, will incur late charges and fees. Bookings without a confirmed existing time beyond our normal business hours will be considered a whole new day. Extra day charges may apply for bookings that go beyond 5pm (when picking up animals from our service.)

Royal Paws reserves the right to collect identifying information about our customers. We collect first and last names; phone numbers, and addresses, but do not save credit card information.

Travelers are required to inform Royal Paws of all flight arrival times; departures, return times, and other relevant information to us so that we can properly care for and safely return animal or animal(s) to their respective families after their return.

Customers understand that abandoned animals will be turned over to the animal authorities and we will turn over customer information to police on those who abandon animals and leave them in our care.

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