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July 10, 2024

Dear Sir/Madam

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Making your life better

Peggy Loves Paris!!

July 8, 2024

Paris is extremely reliable and trust worthy. My little Peggy patiently awaits his arrival everyday for there walks. He has truly become one of the family. 10/10!! Could not be happier with his services.


For 7/4

July 8, 2024

Truly the best no matter how many pups RP always gets my love bug in!!!

Judy loves her outdoor intense exercise with you guys it really tires her out while I work from home.


You are Brucie’s new bestie

July 8, 2024

So I was referred to you by one of my clients who had wall to wall positive things to say about you. I am seriously impressed and will be using you again! I love your after hours puppy concierge service it fits my schedule.

Holly Martin

The young man who owns this store is a real life celebrity

May 27, 2024

I’m not all that up to speed on internet culture and related but I ordered this service for my daughter’s dog while she is away in France and was SHOCKED when quite literally one of the journalists photographed on her desk showed up at her door. She ADORES your work sultan. Please keep being awesome and kind to pets. I am genuinely shocked.

Btw Chanel and Prada adore you.