Royal Paws Boarding/Sitting Policy

Boarding/Sitting Policy

On this page customers will learn about our boarding and sitting policy. These policies are in place to protect the customer; the pet, and Royal Paws.

  1. Once a boarding has began, payment is due up front in full.
  2. During a boarding, Royal Paws must have active contact information on file for the customer and at least one emergency contact. Not including a preferred vet.
  3. Complaints about service or concerns should be raised during the service. Customers are given 7 days upon the final day of service to raise a complaint. After the 7days, Royal Paws reserves the right to assume there wasn’t a complaint.
  4. All complaints must be in writing and delivered to su*****@ro*******.xyz.
  5. Pet parents are given a GPS link that allows them to see the boarding including GPS tracked walks live in action. This includes photographs; videos, pee/poop, walks, dinner/breakfast etc.
  6. Customers have up until 48 hours before the boarding to cancel it.
  7. Boardings can take place in our place of business or your home.
  8. By requesting services, users and customers agree to all of the Terms of Service found on this website including these policies. By agreeing to these terms, customers acknowledge that they’ve read them and are okay completing services with us.
  9. Boardings end by default at 4:45 pm unless otherwise pre-approved or arranged.